The Release of New Superior Varieties of Kemiri Sunan by The Minister of Agriculture.

The first step has been done to save the genetic material of Kemiri Sunan .by Variety Registry to Center For Plant Variety Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, The Governmennt of Indonesia, dated May 25, 2009, and the registered name is said as Kemiri Sunan.

Based on the Decree of The Head of Estate crops Provincial Office, West Java Province, regarding the determination of High Yielding (Block/Blok Penghasil Tinggi/BPT) and High Yielding Selected Trees (Pohon Induk Terpilih/PIT), subsequentl, number . 525/540/BP2MB/2010, dated  April 5, 2010 and 525/541/BP2MB/2010, dated April 5. 2010, Having done, that  we, PT BHLI and Balittri, conducted further collaboration research through the observation of 2 (two) populations, Majalengka and Garut.

For further efforts, we then conducted DNA Analysis  using RAPD Method (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) towards the Selected High Yielding Trees, and we found out that there are 2 (two) best local varieties, which could be used as best biodiesel sources.

Finally, through further efforts and legal processes, these two varieties of Kemiri Sunan have been relesased by The Minister of Agriculture  by issuing  the decree number:  4000/Kpts/SR.120/9/2011, dated September  23, 2011 about The Release of Kemiri Sunan Population Kemiri Sunan 1 (KS1) as Superior Variety, in Garut Population, and  Decree number: 4044/Kpts/SR.120/9/2011, dated September  23, 2011, about The Release of Kemiri Sunan Population Kemiri Sunan 2 (KS2) as Superior Variety, in Majalengka..

It’s important to be noted, that the Ministrial Decree number 4000  is for Kemiri Sunan 1 (KS 1) in Garut, and  is intended to facilitate  product diversification from KS1, because.the oil content  in  KS1 kernel is only  38 to 42 % , while glycerol content in crude oil is very high.

On the other hand, the Ministrial Decree number 4044 is for Kemiri Sunan2 (KS2) in Majalengka, and is intended to facilitate and also as the legal basis for the development .of KS2 big scale plantation as biodiesel resources, due to high content of crude oil in it’s kernel (47 to  56 %), while the glycerol content in the crude oil is only 12 %.