After conducting a series of studies in collaboration with Balittri (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Aneka Tanaman Industri) of the potential crop Kemiri Sunan as biodiesel feedstock, PT Bahtera Hijau Lestari Indonesia (BHLI) began developing this crop for industrial-scale plantations in partnership with the local community in the District of Ngada, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The pattern to be applied in planning a plantation is a partnership which is the development of a plantation company owned together by Investor and the farmers.  It is hoped that  such company will eliminate the institutional barriers between the both parties in the development of kemiri sunan plantation. The value cooperative shares is the value of the land from the cooperative members. Gradually, the ownership of cooperative shares will increase with the development of the plantation business. With this pattern of company the farmers cooperative will get   about  80% shares and the investor will have 20%  shares of the plantation company.

Partnership is a cooperative effort between small business and medium / large company along with coaching and development by medium / large with respect to the principle of mutual need, mutually reinforcing and mutually beneficial. Partnership is a partnership revitalization of plantations in accordance with the spirit of government regulation/PP. No. 26/2007 for  the Expansion Land Estates.

 For now, Kemiri Sunan estate development pattern is implemented in accordance with Ngada District  Landmark, the province of  East Nusa Tenggara. Ngada located between 80 20 24.28 degrees 80 degrees 57 degrees 28.39 degrees south latitude and 29.26 degrees 120 degrees 48 degrees 121 degrees 8:57 11 degrees east longitude. Bordering the North Sea Flores, bordering southern Savu Sea, the eastern border with Nagekeo District and the western border with East Manggarai district.

 Under License of Location from  the  Ngada District no.570/BPM/01/03/2011, PT BHLI through its subsidiary (PT Bumiampo Investama Sejahtera/PT BIS) started activities related to the development of Kemiri Sunan plantation starting from April 2011. PT BIS  representative office was  set up in Bajawa, the capital city of  Ngada district and has started it’s operations in May 2011 that serves as office support and coordination center for all activities of plantation development in the area.

 Before performing the physical activities of plantation development, the company doing the socialization phase to the local government and the community at several locations in the district which includes the Villages of  Wolokuku Wolomeze, Ramba, Mainai, and Keja.  Socialization activities are intended to give insight thought and understanding of the community about the benefits of planting Kemiri Sunan through joint efforts between tbe community and  PT BHLI, in order among others gradually to increase the level of socio-economic life of the community. In addition, the company also expects full support from the local government for the  success of this plantation development plan.

 After the people/local community understand and accept the pattern of this plantation company, PT BIS  has conducted surveys, measurements and the blocking area of land that has been handed over to the company to be managed together.

 Currently (October 2011) PT BIS is in the process of obtaining  the AMDAL Report (Analisis Mengenai Dampak Lingkungan/The Analysis of Environmental Impacts Report), which is in the process of settlement, so we assumed that at the end of this year the company will already  able to initiate activities starting with land clearing and planting Kemiri Sunan in Ngada as the first step to start a plantation indrustri of Kemiri Sunan.