BHLI and local government or private companies cooperate in:

  • Supplying Kemiri Sunan seeds to be planted in critical land areas.
  • A processing factory establishment to accommodate the output in the future.

The planted areas can be submitted to the related party for cultivation, maintenance, and harvesting. The parties include:

  • Related institution such as ABRI (Armed Forces) and other institutions.
  • The surrounding community.

The community or related parties will collect and sell the output to the processing factory that will be established by BHL and other local parties.

Our Support

Bahtera Hijau Lestari Indonesia(BHLI) has been doing  research specializing in Kemiri Sunan sinced 2006. Up until now, BHLI has established many cooperation with local governments and private companies that have interests in Kemiri Sunan. Equipped with outstanding knowledge about Kemiri Sunan, BHLI now shares the knowledge with its partners.