Tangerang: Friday, January 1, 2010 | Last Update Monday, March 1, 2010

PT Bahtera Hijau Lestari Indonesia(BHLI) is an agro industry company which  focuses on Biorenewable Energy. Since 2006. We have been intensively researching for one crop call Kemiri Sunan. In 2008, BHLI has planted more than 60.000 trees of Kemiri Sunant in unused land in West Java Indonesia. These plantings are in line with Government program i.e. Land Rehabilitation program underThe Ministry of Agricultural  of Republic of Indonesia.

Considering the legal aspects of our basic research ,therefore, in 2009 we have made Joint Agreement with BALITTRI (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Rempah Dan Aneka Tanaman Industri – Indonesian Spice and Industrial Crops Research Institute, ISICRI, http://balittri.litbang.deptan.go.id/) for further research.

Currently, BHLI has it’s owned  Kemiri Sunan nursery covering more than 300.000 trees in West Java, Indonesia and it will be enough for more than 10.000 Ha planting area in unused land of West Java.

BHLI has been also developing its seed garden about  6 Ha in Subang, West Java. From this seed garden, in 8 years it can supply planting materials more than 100.000 Ha per year.

For land conservation purposes, BHLI has joint agreements with several parties (Local Government, NGO and Private) for distributing and planting more than 220.000 seedlinhs to the following areas:

Kuningan: 10.000 seedlings;
Timor: 20.000 seedlings;
: 10.000 seedlings;
Ngawi: 15.000 seedlings;
: 14.500 seedlings;
Bekasi: 30.000 seedlings;
Nusa Penida, Bali
: 15.000 seedlings;
Jakarta: 3.500 seedlings;
Jatigede: 100.000 seedlings;
Bandung: 3.000 seedlings.